Dual-extract Tulsi Tincture

Dual-extract Tulsi Tincture

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Dual-extract Tulsi Tincture in .5oz, 1oz or 2oz sizes


    Click Here for an informative Video! Tulsi is a rare class of herbs knowns as Adaptogens, which essentially means they help your body adapt to stress.  There are clinical studies which show Tulsi helps lower stress and anxiety, reduces inflammation, improves cognitive function, helps protect the heart, addresses high blood pressure, reduces blood glucose levels and helps balance blood sugar, hepoprotective (protects the liver), Protects against and heals stomach ulcers, antioxidant, pain management, immune function increase, anti-cancer, protects against radiation damage, accelerates bone healing, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, helps clear candida overgrowth, disrupts biofilm, helps with histamine intolerance (allergies), protects against cataracts, protects against graying hair, porofound antiatheorogenic effect (prevents fatty buildup in arteries)


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