CBD Mushroom Adaptogenic Herb Caps

CBD Mushroom Adaptogenic Herb Caps

⚕️CBD mushroom adaptogen capsules⚕️


Inspired by the transformational coaching group the 13, I have transformed one of my most popular supportive earth medicines "Mighty Mushrooms" into an amazing herbal mushrooms adaptogenic combination that is absolutely supportive and healing.


This medicine is a combination of CBD and adaptogenic herbs like tulsi & licorice, as well as sarsaparilla, turmeric, black pepper & ginger. It also has as a blend of mushrooms including the adaptogen reishi as well as chaga, lions mane, cordyceps, turkey tail and agarikon, one of the rarest and strongest mushrooms in the world. 


The blend is infused in MCT oil fractionated from organic coconuts which are sourced from sustainable or regenerative farms.


This particular blend was blessed and created and encapsulated under the full moon lunar eclipse during the Saturn Pluto conjunction an astronomical astrological event that hasn't occurred in anyone currently living's lifetime.


Some of the healing effects of this medicine include: 


Cellular homeostasis - particularly of the digestive system which is responsible for over 70% of neurotransmitter production which are the chemicals responsible for emotional qualities like happiness satisfaction motivation and peace.


CBD saturation also regulates the endocannabinoid system which regulates the central nervous system which is responsible for all organs, tissues and neurochemical messages in the entire body. By returning this system to homeostasis in a healthy holistic way it becomes much easier to work with and through any other health, medical, mental, physical, spiritual, emotional or other conditions in your holistic being and body.


The adaptogens help the body adapt to the current level of stress - increasing immune response if necessary or decreasing immune response if necessary, increasing energy levels and production if necessary and decreasing energy levels and production if necessary, all in order to holistically balance your being to a proper state of homeostasis and cellular regeneration.


In addition, this medicine is one of the strongest anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal compounds in creation.


When combined with a healthy diet workout routine meditation mental routine and lifestyle, this medicine will help keep the body in a state that allows optimization and enhances the quality of your life and state of being to a state that allows you to be supported holistically in order to make the best decisions from an elevated state of being.


This medicine is included as part of the medicine packages for the VIPs joining us in the next round of the 13 and is available to other members of the 13 at a discounted rate.


For everyone else what remains is available at the following rates:


30 capsules - $60

60 capsules - $100

120 capsules - $200

180 capsules - $275


Dose size is at first 2 capsules a day and after 7-10 days when saturated can be reduced to one a day.


During times of extreme infection and sickness it may be taken in another fashion to expedite expulsion of your sickness and expedient recovery which we can discuss 1-on-1 in a free medicine consultation call if you are interested in investing in your health and wealth with this herbal supplement.


Blessings my sacred friends, looking forward to connecting and sharing the medicines!


Special thanks to @iam_hro and her beautiful baby for helping to capsule and bless all the medicines!


(None of these statements are evaluated by the FDA as they don't review herbs anyways and always consult your healthcare practitioner before adding new herbal supplements.)


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    ©2019 by Wild Child Medicines. Not a licensed healthcare practitioner.  None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA and products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases.  Please consult your healthcare practitioner before adding herbal medicines. Acknowledging and honoring the entirety of my universal being, all life energies and exchanges, and all creation as sacred.  Blessings!