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The Birth of Wild Child Medicines

Committed to Quality

I am blessed to honestly admit that currently I am one of the healthiest & happiest humans on the planet.

This is a far cry from where I was 7 years ago, hospitalized for a Kidney stone before age 30, headed on a direct road to an early death, hating life and using drugs and alcohol and anything i could find to try and numb myself to the presence or even try and fill the sacred-sized hole in my life.

I was blessed with beautiful parents who did their absolute best.  The medical advice they were given was to put me on chemical pharmaceuticals which suppressed my emotional expressions and caused long term neurological damage and addictive behaviors.

Over the years I began a spiritual journey to fill the sacred hole in my soul.  This lead me to herbal medicines and eventually after they helped me so much on my road to recovery, I became certified in herbal medicine making at the prestigious Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine.  I have an affiliate link with a discount if you are interested in their amazingly informative educational courses and certificates.

I am here to say that with a proper mindset, relationship, herbal support, and framework and coaching I can provide, that anyone who is willing can work through any situation, no matter how dark or difficult it may seem, together we can utilize the tools and mechanisms and framework to get your life and business and relationships headed in the direction you truly desire to be living in.

I believe we are all infinite creators living our own manifested reality, sometimes we just need a bit of perspective, framework and assistance to determine the best ways to shift our lives and energetic exchanges to ensure we are manifesting the life and results we truly desire to be aligned with which should also coincide with our highest excitement and greatest good, putting on a path to be of greatest service as we awaken our greatest dreams into realities that we are living rightly and authentically.

I am also a published author on Amazon with the book 'Activate your Life' and also in Theraputic Thymes with several more pieces under review.  I also love helping people to exercise their imagination and grand vision and help them articulate the value of their mission, message, plan, lyrics &/or artistic expression in ways that impact with great efficacy.

It is my highest excitement to authentically help others reach their greatest potential and highest states of being like joy, laughter, and excitement.

Look forward to aligning work and play with you so we can enjoy playing and creating and collaborating to co-create a better life right away!

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